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Premade Set - Adjustable Bow Shoulder Sling & Wrist Sling - Red/Royal Blue Xs, Gold

  • $ 4500
  • Save $ 20

Handmade adjustable bow shoulder sling for compound bow with matching bow wrist sling

Shoulder Sling: Barbed Cobra Weave

Wrist Sling: Scrolled Cobra Weave - Black Leather Yoke Included

Black Webbing

  • Allows bow to be comfortably carried with no worry of a costly drop, especially when walking long distances.
  • Connects to the risers of the bow, not the cams like most other bow slings on the market. This not only protects the cams, but also allows the sling to be left in place while shooting.
  • Does not need to be removed to shoot. Field tested on 3D shoots and hunts without being taken off the bow. This feature comes in handy when quick, unexpected shooting opportunities arise.
  • If you prefer to remove the sling, it features heavy duty plastic quick release squeeze buckles to release it from the bow. The squeeze buckles have 1 male and 1 female end so sling can be buckled around waist when not in use (stalking, etc.) and doesn't have to to be stored in a backpack.
  • Approximately 80ft of 550-lb USA-made paracord.
  • Adjusts from approximately 44" to 60".

Feel free to message with any questions.

This items are premade and generally ship 1 to 2 days after purchase.

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